Employer Mandated Drug Testing: Tested Positive


Tested Positive

novel by jd Collins describes dangers of employer mandated drug testing:
  • False positives
  • Incorrect lab procedures
  • Lost Employment

"required reading for American workers!"--- Inverted A Horn

This is becoming a familiar scene in American employment. The boss tells you that a random drug test showed you tested positive for drug abuse. You're fired!

That's what happened to Army LTC Henry Johnson who has the choice between resigning and losing his pension or facing a court-martial for drug use.

But,, I'm not guilty!" roars Colonel Johnson.

Will the mellow hero outlast public censure, divorce and the humiliation of a trial?

Read Tested Positive

"Required Reading for the American working man and woman."---Inverted A Horn

The answer is relevant to millions of American workers who must take employment drug tests to keep or obtain employment in civilian life as well as the military.

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