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Thomas Flanagan: End of the Hunt


A Cheery St Pat's Day to You:
Dr James Woodbury Rowe, the lord mentor and anglophile in residence at The Rockaway Park Philosophical Society, nonetheless savors his celebration of St Patrick's Day because it isn't a legal holiday at all. To enjoy St Patrick's Day you have to goof-off. This the Mentor teaches the society gingerly should enjoy. it's an end and a beginning,,, the first world war is ending,,, and a new even dirtier war has begun,,,
Fullosia Press Special: End of the Hunt
Thomas Flanagan's story of the Irish war for independence brings you from the ambushes at remote rural cross-roads to the seats of power following the lifeline principally of Janice Nuggent a war widow both of Ireland's support of the English cause on the European continent and of the war for Independence that followed.

The foremat is unique. End of the Hunt is a novel told as a collection of short stories or voices each contributing a unique viewpoint on the world shattering events around them.

Yet even the elusive final peace is riddled with irony and tragedy. Says the Judge of the High Court to Janice, I see the barristers who appear before me daily and all I see is the blood under their nails.

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