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Fullosia Press Celebrates St Patrick's Day

Not long ago the effete New York Times wrote of Irish movies:

"no culture so steeped in romantic failure and rigid Catholicism could ever truly conquer America."
THE RPPS in its search for the unwritten and untold American Epic or American tragedy came across this line. Different from many other lands, America asserts a belief in progress almost with the same fanaticism as a religious faith.Thus the concept of victory-in-defeat or tragedy-in- triumph which underlines the epic or tragedy is alien to the American psyche.

The French left Algerie singing "Je ne regrette rein;" the US left Vietnam and pretended the war away.

That man is no God is axiomatic; that error and miscalculation lead to failure is no mystery except to the adolescent mind.

But America is a disneyland where all things are possible. In fact some have said that the Californian legislature has established a constitutional right to a happy day. Bad things never darken the path of the good.

Thus we pause to consider two modern tragedies from the theatre with the understanding that the American mind may yet be too immature to understand the intricate concepts.

SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL -- James Cagney Michael Collins -- Liam Neeson
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