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Michael Levy: The Cure is as Sly as the Grin
The Cure

How to Deal With - Analytical Physiologist Disorder

From The Cure

Does your perfectly normal reactions, to the erroneous actions of other negative people, have experts diagnosing you as having a newfangled disorder?

Have your children's high-spirits been classed as an attention disorder by so the called experts?

Have you read about emotional temperaments such as, over active enthusiasm and a physiologist tried to slap a mental disorder label on it ... Then they want to treat it with medications, that have dangerous side effects, that may induce suicide or homicide.

Watch out - You may be suffering from an analytical physiologists disorder. They are a very outspoken and intellectual sophisticated animal, who believes they know what they are doing. Alas, they are deluded by varying degrees.

So, if you encounter any dangerous physiological expert animals, recently escaped from a university, that want to stick a newly invented disorder label on you, then pull out a pen and paper and write out an - Out of Order -label ... hand it to them with a big Smile!

For Interviews call,

Michael Levy. Professional Optimist
PO Box 7, 3032 East Commercial Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale Florida 33303 USA
TEL/ 954-785-8439
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The New Ten Commandments for Optimum Living.

Do You Know The Point Of Life?

Life May be Far Easier Than You Ever Imagined... Significant transformations are taking place at Michael Levy's - Point of Life -website. Thanks to Silverleaf design, the website has been completely remodeled. The tone now reflects rejoicing and merrymaking, along with a magnetism encompassing - The New Ten Commandments for Optimum Living.

Levy says, the wisdom inside each one of his books is priceless for people who do not want to gamble and live their lives by chance. Why needlessly squander moments of joy for the sake of depressed seconds of anxiety?

Levy is also an Inspirational/Financial/ Motivational Speaker. His Life Enchantment Lectures include; Wellness, Dis-ease Prevention, Vital - Energetic Living. Stock Market and Commodity Investing, Corporate Ethics Prudent Highways to Preserve Assets, Authentic Mental States of Mind Plus: any current topic, theme or news you would like to understand without biases, close-mindedness or personal opinionated slants.

To Book Michael or read any of his Illuminating books, take a trip to the new Point of Life website and ... Enjoy!

Point Of Life website

"Stock market tip:

sell fear and greed, buy balance and stability."
~ Michael Levy

A Most Cheery Cheerio,
Michael Levy:

Michael Levy

Michael Levy, is the author of many books, a mystical poet, inspirational philosopher and wellness/healthy living speaker. His best known books are "The Joys of Live Alchemy" and "Worry Causes Wrinkles" which help a person to change dark negative situations into beautiful, colorful, positive actions, that bring de-lights on the darkest of days.


"Live your life as a door opener with a smile."

~ Michael Levy

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Contact Michael Levy for more information.

Johnny Tremain
Johnny Tremain

Esther Forbes award winning book was put on the small screen and later the silver screen by Walt Disney.Johnny Tremain

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