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Democrats are bad on terrorism. It`s obvious. They are on the wrong side of every issue:

*They are against the NSA intercepting foreign, terrorist phone calls,

*They misread NIE reports and conclude that we are losing the war on terror rather than that the enemy is becoming desperate and attacking more,

*They are against the Patriot Act even though without that Act we`d no longer have the Brooklyn Bridge or the Herald Square Subway station,

*They celebrate The New York Times leaks rather than accuse the paper of treason for revealing the SWIFT program that tracks terrorist funding,

*They publicize and criticize our interrogation methods at foreign, secret prisons, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, even though these methods stopped at least eight major terrorist attacks on the homeland.

Let`s face it, the Democrats do nothing but try to weaken us in the War on Terror. Granted they care about civil liberties. But for the terrorists too. What good are these liberties when you`ve been killed by a nuclear suit case bomb?

In the sixties a lot of Democrats wanted drugs to be legal. They must have been popping mushrooms at the time. What are their priorities? We may well be at the beginning of World War Three and the Democrats are still worrying over whether they have a right to frisk Mohammad Atta at the Boston airport.

The Dems view Atta as a poor Black kid being profiled and pulled off the New Jersey State Turnpike. They do not see him as a beige, terrorist Arab. Democrats see all nonwhite minorities as the Black disadvantaged sons of American slaves. They are supposed to be without prejudice but they see all shades of black and brown as not-white. They can`t distinguish. They are secretly racist. They think all colors deserve treatment special and different from whites.

If the Democrats want to strengthen our civil rights instead of our national security, let them. But not in a time of war. They never outgrew the need to stamp out fascism. They still think it`s the 1940`s. Maybe they are good at guarding civil rights and preventing profiling in a society that is veering towards fascism. That is not our problem. That is 1984, that is Communism, that is Nazism, that is Castro with his Hollywood cigar. It never was nor will it be America, which is free and democratic, despite the fears of neurotic baby boomers who do not have the ability to make intellectual distinctions, just the confusion to magnify similarities and turn analogies into shared identities.

Democrats say that we will be safer with them in the administration. They are like a spider monkey competing with King Kong for the job of protecting Fay Ray. Feed the Democrats dates and figs. They are too weak to ever protect themselves from their obsession with belittling Republicans at the expense of making our country seem divided and shrill. They weaken us with the cacophony of their voices shrieking at us to give out government handouts and ignore rather than confront our enemies, possibly risking the responsibility of having to fight them.

Calling your wartime president a Nazi is not protecting your country from the Islamic wolves at the gate. But the Democrats insist on weakening and fractionalizing us. Our journalists have a liberal bias. The New York Times is criminal. The old gray lady is a bitch. The Democrats let our enemies see cracks in the American façade.

Demythologize the Arm Chair Revolutionary revolutionary: Burn the Che t-shirts

Even if Democrats see faults in America they should not parade, protest and strut their stuff. It`s not their job to advertise our weaknesses. It is not constructive to say that President Bush went into Iraq to get cheap oil or to spread evangelical Christianity. It shows no respect for the resolve of our enemies. When are the Democrats going to stop fighting us and start fighting the terrorists.

The Democrats are like Jews living in Germany before World War II. They don`t want to admit that they are surrounded by sick enemies who want to destroy them. That might force them to do something in terms of preventative self-defense but they don`t have the guts to fight. They`d rather stick their heads in the sand, ignoring the crematoriums approaching them.

Democrats want our soldiers to defend them but bad mouth our soldiers as rapists and killers. John Kerry badmouthed our soldiers in two wars—Nam and Iraq. Yet he almost became our President. He`s the first man to run for President on the platform of double treason.

Kerry wants to put our boys on trial for fighting in Iraq. Who do you think he wants to win? Who is he helping here? Not the Americans. He wants us to fight with our hands tied? What does he care? He has a home to retire to in South Africa paid for by ketchup bottles.

If the Democrats have ideas to reduce the insurgency in Iraq or to get rid of foreign al-Qaeda intervention, they should meet privately with their congressmen or the army generals and suggest their ideas. They should not run down to the shore like the wives of Greek fishermen and wail their dissatisfaction with the administration and the death of their own spiteful political influence.

It`s time we demythologized the Hollywood chic around being revolutionary. Burn the Che t-shirts. He was a murderous, cold hearted, upper middle class, Argentinean thug.

The truth is: ugly ideas often come in ugly shapes and sizes. Che aside, there`s often a correspondence between the internal and external person. Why else does treason look like Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore? Shawn Penn`s not too hot looking either, despite his PR agent.

As Robert Redford gets old and his craggy skin breaks through his face powder, he becomes as ugly as his spoiled, anti-American ideas. He smokes cigars with Castro, obfuscating the cold-blooded executions committed by Castro and Che who reinstated the death penalty in Cuba. In the haze of cigar smoke he ignores that Castro took Cuba`s economy from the best in South America to the worst.

And what about Susan Sarandon? Now that`s one goggle-eyed, ugly beast. Rosie O`Donnell. That`s a fine, fat ladies` football coach. Stop me. I`m getting too ad hominem. I`m almost as bad as a Democrat. I can be a stubborn ass too. I can ride his donkey. The romance and popcorn are gone. The Doran Gray faces come out of the attic.

We needed freedom of speech and protest against the British. Now protest has become our enemy, our own verbal drag queen of England. Its end result is self-defeating. If freedom to protest brings America down, we should end it along with the freedom of stupid treasonous speech. Even freedom of the press is libelous when it could end in enslaving our country to our enemies—the Islamofascists.

George Orwell`s fear of fascism is a thing of the past. We need strong government to protect us against rogue states, revolutionary splinter groups, Third world anger and an imposter, tall Wiseman who carries a big staff in the Afghan mountains. In our new world Big Brother can be as compassionate as a Republican. Weak Brother or a Democratic reign can only lead to chaos, death, nihilism, female genital mutilation and a caliphate in America.


If there`s anything I hate it is anti-Bush poetry. It implies the weakness of an effeminate caped bard who bemoans the country`s choice of our President. It is counter intuitive to a corrective global policy. While the poet should be worrying about voting for his own party in the future, he is stepping on sour grapes and bottling the stench of jealous wine filled with the cuticles of his anger rather than his eagerness to improve the body politic.

In the pens of the crybabies Bush has become a totemic evil symbol warding off the voices of ameliorative good. He has become a negative rallying cry. Instead of “Go Raiders” the shout becomes “Kill Bush.” A film was even made about killing him. Hugo Chavez calls him the Devil. And the poets draw the wagon train of their literacy around them and burn Bush in an effigy of misguided verbs.

Poets are against war. It goes with the territory. They are even against preventative war to stop future, larger holocausts. They speak up for humane treatment of others yet are against removing dictators like Hussein. They will never understand that fighting can be curative. That you cannot stop the bullies of Islamic fascism by negotiating. It is not their goal to correct us but to kill us.

Our poets would rather blame us than Islamic executioners. It makes them feel wise to play the self-critical card. The poets say: I must be a good person because I see my faults. When the actual meaning is that: I am afraid to confront you therefore I applaud your point of view. Going a step further: western civilization is wrong and please don`t hit me or cut off my head. And: I`ll praise multiculturalism because it alleviates me of the responsibility of standing up against peoples who are cruel and wrong. And the famous misinterpretation of Einstein`s scientific relativism to the field of morals: Everything is relative. Even my wife in West Virginia.

What`s worse is that poets are proud of their denunciations of their own president and country--What a big intellectual boy am I? And they brag, I`m smarter than the President. I got B`s. He got C`s. And John Kerry? Oh that`s right, he got D`s.

Our enemies are too illiterate to read our poems but the attitude of our poets permeates the media—The New York Times and the CNN`s of the world. The terrorists laugh at us, “The fools are divided. Their house cannot stand.”

Poets denounce hate in hateful tones. They are filled with spleen while they are preaching apocryphal love and peace. I`ve known poets who wouldn`t speak to me because I voted for George Bush. Is that right? Poets against the right to vote and free speech? And they call themselves Democrats.

While we`re at it, what about all these rich Democrats? The Kennedy`s, Kerry`s and Edwards. What does a rich man understand about the poor? He gives out his bragging sympathy like a dime into a beggar`s cup. Why don`t the rich Democrats act like themselves instead of trying to get richer on the backs of the poor? Why don`t they play polo with their poor Republican colleagues?

It`s time poets realized that fighting a war can be a tool for ending wars. That warfare does not mean hate. That certain terrible things are necessary to protect ourselves. Time poets grew up. We can`t stay forever in the sandbox playing with out toys when bullies are surrounding us and knocking down our sand castles, our skyscrapers.

Poets must ask themselves why they write anti-Bush or anti-patriotic poems? What is the larger purpose of their riding Bush with their throbbing anger, except jacking off and numbing themselves with their hatred? Does it make sense for them to advertise problems with out country and support our enemy? Does their boasting of their broad mindedness justify their insulting and belittling our own side? Are they hoping that al Qaeda will spare them because they sympathize with the enemy? Do they care that an American contractor gets beheaded in Iraq because they write sympathetic articles in the New Yorker about the inconvenienced terrorists in Abu Ghraib?

George Bush is not the people`s enemy. The poet is. We should take Bush down off the totem pole and put up a picture of Alan Ginsberg or Amiri Baraka. Socrates first noticed that the poets were the enemy of society. It has come down to that. I wish they`d all just shut up and quit tearing down our flag. I wish they`d develop the intellect to see that angry protest is the opposite of corrective intimations.

I should abandon poetry as a dangerous weapon. But I am addicted to it. It`s all over the street. I step on it like dog shit. I hope I don`t hurt anybody. I hope it brings me good luck.


The Shah was not involved in Arab Moslem agitation because he was a king among men, an icon among the dissatisfied rabble. He was friendly to Israel because he was a noble man that did not choose to pick scapegoats to kick around. He was not a Jew hater because he was a people lover, raising the level of the Iranian economy so that his citizens could live better.

The Shah was a Democrat in king`s clothing while Jimmy Carter was the President in the emperor`s new clothes. Carter streaked naked before the ideas of 70`s left wing liberals while the Shah tried to hold together the status quo in a country that was rapidly fasting itself in a religious orgy of self-denial.

After the shortsighted, religion blinded, Islamic revolution in Iran, the bearded clerics needed a new enemy to replace the easily deposed of Shah. Eeny meeny miny mo, catch a Jew by the toe. Step on his foot, steal his grapes and his vineyard.

The Ayatollah and the boys, opened their wide arms of prejudice and hugged Israel. They couldn`t get their arms around the United States. Might as well rape the Jews. After all, Israel must be a slut worthy of punishment. Otherwise why were the Nazis baking them in ovens and the Russians killing them in pogroms?

One thing about the status quo of aristocracy; it tends to respect its own traditions. Revolutionaries have no traditions except the tradition of killing. Much like the Reign of Terror in France. The Che`s of the world promise a brave new world but deliver the degraded, undercover values of failed societies.

The loss of the Shah issued in the theocratic rule of God obsessed disciplinarians. The Ayatolla offered an imaginary heaven as a replacement for worldly comfort. The people accepted being pick-pocketed by this strict cleric because they didn`t have the nobleness in themselves to accept the noblesse oblige of Pahlavi.

In the rabbles need to make sense of the world, they found order in hating Israelis. Why not? A couple of million Jews? What the heck? Their good friends, the Germans, killed more than that during WWII.


It`s unfortunate that Sean Bell was shot. It`s even more unfortunate that the maggots of racial tragedy like Al Sharpton are running around trying to suck some political clout out of the marrow of his wife`s, Nicole`s, sadness. He and other anti-democratic pariahs like the Black Panthers are busy arranging their little protest marches and cursing the police departments who save their asses on a daily basis from black on black crime.

Bell`s gracious wife Nicole says, “It`s not the department that did this…it`s those five police officers; it`s them that need to be held accountable.” Shoot me in the foot Black Panthers. This woman is a thousand times finer than you—she seeks justice rather than revolution. And she just lost her husband. What have you lost?

The Black Panthers used to be a threat in the sixties. Now they are some throwback, out of time, small-minded regurgitators of a bygone generation. The revolution has been won. It`s time to work within the system rather than to tear down walls that have already been torn down. They remind me of the Iraqi war protestors who nostalgically long for their earlier demonstrations against Vietnam. Give me a break.

Empires on The Pacific. The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire
The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire

Sean Bell`s killing looks like it was a horrible accident. Let it die. What should be protested by all these bloodthirsty, anti-police-brutalians, is black on black crime. Every time a black woman gets raped or robed or killed the Black Panthers and the Sharpton`s of the world should line the streets and complain about the fathers who abandon their single mothers, about the gang cultures that glorify violence, about the Hollywood movie producers and actors who involve themselves in excessively violent movies that become archetypes in the minds of impressionable children. They should protest themselves for marching against police brutality but not marching against families of killers, misogynists and spoiled brats who`d rather destroy America than to try to build it.

Our tear jerk loudmouths shout at Sean`s killers. Those are a couple of prejudged cops in a city where thousands of crimes are committed every day. Many of them worse than this killing. It`s time the black jeremiahs shifted their focus to the real problems, to improving their cultures, to bettering America instead of acting like children complaining about everything that goes wrong when they are part of the cause of what goes wrong.

Special Providence: American Foreign Policy and How It Changed the World
Special Providence: American Foreign Policy and How It Changed the World

China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World
China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World

It`s time that the rabble started listening to Bill Cosby. He articulates what I feel but has the black credibility to get away with it.

Awesome David Lawrence is a favorite political commentator at FP. Former corporate exec, Dave took up boxing as a hobby first than as a passion entering the ring at 35 against fresh young talent. As a mid - life convert to conservatism, Dave brings a depth and insight to the practicalities of the world situation worthy of many of the famous American orators of the flowering of the Republic in the 19th Century.

Dave has released a rap album and dabbles in political poetry. His finest piece is his prison journal which he generously released to FP for first publication. Major publishing houses are said to be interested in the final product..

Living in the Heart
Living in the Heart

A search for a distant enclave ...

Living in the Heart
Living in the Heart

A search for a distant enclave ...

Awesome David Lawrence is a headliner at FP.

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