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The Supreme Court in a majority led by Chief Justice John Roberts upheld the $900 Hussein-Obama tax on people unable to afford Health Insurance. While many expressed dismay that John Roberts would have changed colours so facilely, rumours were quickly spread that Roberts acted to save the Court out of fear that The Historic President would simply ignore any adverse ruling. . Supposedly, the rumours are based on alleged leaks attributed to Justice Clarence Thomas. Roberts however does not intend to rely on the protection of self-serving silly rumours. For his part, Roberts remained non-plussed in announcing plans to hole up for the duration.

In the wake of the law rushed through to passage by a lame-duck Congress with moments to go on their term of office, health insurers raised their rates so high that many small business could no longer afford coverage. Among the major employers, the historic President exempted the greatest abuser of labour Wallmart from application of the law. There are more uninsured labourers after the passage of the law than ever before.

Many observers at the time of the passage of the law believed that President Hussein-Obama desperately needs the revenue the law provides to make up the losses from the hand-outs to the banks and the auto-manufacturers. Critics call President Hussein-Obama's economic advisors students of the Zimbabwe School of economics. If of course according to a source amongst the Revenuers those who are subject to the $900 tax become so because they cannot afford health insurance , where are they going to get $900 from?

Roberts may have to spread another rumour to cover himself. The High Court dealt a blow to The Stolen Valour Law in a 6-3 ruling freeing a Florida miscreant from fanciful claims of his own metal during a campaign for public office. The toad presented himself as not only in having served in the Marine Corps but having won the medal of honour, no less. Free Speech includes a generous dose of puffing privilege. Every advertiser with wild promotional material ought to be pleased.

As war clouds mount over Syria and Iran, what reports that have filtered out of Afghanistan where combat drags on have not been favourable. Semi-official sources in the establishment Press have been reporting in doublets. The story of the assassination of an Irani scientist and industrial sabotage there were covered with disclosure of an accidental burning of Islamic holy books and graphic photographs of US soldiers urinating on enemy dead in Afghanistan. The latter has touched off attacks by the Quisling Afghani army and police on US and other NATO forces.

A US Sergeant was accused of killing 18 Afghanis and burning their bodies during a short absence from post. Even the generally credulous Establishment Press questioned the account. How could one person on his own do so much in such a short period of time?

While sabre waiving against Iran continues, the Establishment Press has reported fantastic stories first of the rescue of an Irani ship from pirates by the US Navy and then a rescue of a US ship by the Irani navy. Both reports were dismissed as apocryphal. The pirates generally operate in the shipping lanes off East Africa out of the range of the Irani navy and away from the periphery of the US navy's presence. The Society labeled these reports as building a good guy myth.

There was some good news for strapped US forces in Afghanistan. With Holy Hillary's apology to Paki leaders for an unprovoked US attack on a Paki installation and with no doubts generous bribes to the wobbly Paki leadership, the Khyber pass will reopen.

In the midst of tragedy, there is humour in interesting times that we find ourselves in. Recently the Historic President's Attorney General The most Honorable Mr Eric Holder expressed concern for the adequacy of the representation of indigents in the criminal courts and vowed to make improvement of the quality of criminal defence representation an administration priority. Mr Holder calls this upholding due process. Certainly weaping for the poor and downtrodden marks one as a liberal in liberal good-heart and feel-good societies. The same most honorable gentlemen sits in cabinet sessions placing a legal imprimatur on The Historic President's decisions to terminate various suspects with extreme prejudice. He also blesses the Historic President's hit list as one in which due process is applied. Mr Holder also calls this due process.

The Society's Legal Department issued a Modest Proposal on behalf of The Society. "I would ask the most honorable Mr Holder, in the state of non-law that has evolved since the election of The Historic President, what would we need lawyers for? Ought we not send them to Quantico Va for weapons training so that they might enforce Mr Holder's and The historic President's new conception of due process?"



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