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"If libraries were open as late as bars we'd be drunk on learning."

Rockaway Park NY 2 January 2001, John Davis Collins, editor
The home of philosophy,,,"Betwixt and Between" since 1971
News: Clinton Wrecks White House, Pardons Reds, Frees Cop Killers; Bousch takes office; Powell Sworn In; Dot Comm Drop Off; Ji'nts Fall to Ravens ,,, Holy Hillery!
About the RPPS

The Rockaway Park Philosophical Society was formed by three friends in 1971. Its mission is to spead the true philosophy expressed in the Fullosia. The Society says it exaults the mundane and ridicules the exalted in conformance with the teachings of Rene Chateau Briand who scorned philosophers who prattle about life but don't know how to act in a dime store." The Society encourages and promotes American culure and a new national language American Standard Jive. Read more about The Society

    RPPS Winter February 2001 Edition

  • Inherit The Winds

    Big Bubba Bill left the White House the way he served it as a personal pig sty. Establishment press reports damage to most of the rooms with profanity etched into the walls as a tribute to his successor. As a final salute to the American people, Big Bubba freed 140 Red Party members and cop killers whose relations generously contributed to the Hill's Senate campaign. The Hill vowed to nix Bousch appointees to the cabinet so that she can serve New York which she located on the map as somewhere between Mexico and Canada. Almost unnoticed was General Powell's ascendence to the State Department from which he may become the first Black president.
    Holy Hillery!

  • Dot Com Drop Out

    The world wide web has become smaller as many dot coms lay off workers and dissolve. Most relied too heavily on credit to retain solvency.

  • Dr Bill Loeppkey Restores Inditer dot Com

    Dr Bill Loeppky, DFS Lord President of RPPS Society and INDITER Dot COM announced that Inditer dot com survived the onslaught of a pernacious virus that nearly ruined Inditer's computor system. Inditer dot com never accepts the word impossible.

  • RPPS Designates Beleaguered Philosopher
    Beating out such esteemed and admired candidates as the Kings of Politics and Industry Al Gore and Bill Gates, Ronkonkoma Sunoco's clerk Pat topped the list in the battle of the hem line for the Society's regal honor notwithstanding close competition from Expressway Exxon's Monsoon, Gloria and Lala.

    see Pat: Philosopher in Battle Dress

  • In this issue

    Relevant Social Issues and Such: Mudslinging in Court

    Gaudium in Fullosiam, Gaudium Omnibus Quorem Studium Fullosae Deditur.

    MUDSLINGING IN COURT: Does Name Calling Contribute to A System of Justice?

    Before the Rockaway Park Philosophical Society came the issue of using the public forum to continue acrimony between a judge and a lawyer post trial. The Society explores issues deemed significant to it in a point-counterpoint method. Sometimes that takes the form of bringing all argument to their logical and hopefully their ridiculous extreme. The Society hopes that by exalting the ridiculous and ridiculing the sublime, the search for truth may be de-mystified.

    Herein the Mentor poses a question to the Dean concerning the appropriateness of indulging the public in private personality clashes between lawyers and judges.

    Greetings Dean and Greetings to Our Lord, the Prince Regent and Lord President of the Society:

    I had occasion to ponder the Dean's words concerning a lawyer's obligation to refrain from adverse comment on a court or judge. Notwithstanding protections of free speech guaranteed in various written constitutions in force in North America, a lawyer, the Dean would inform us, may not personally criticize in public a court or judge. Does the obverse that a judge should not publicly criticize a lawyer, also hold true?

    I ask this not out of idle or philosophical interest but because in a rather significant case involving a renowned entrepreneur sometimes called by the Society 'The American Socrates,' a judge in an exclusive interview granted the press called one of the lawyers stupid. Would this not be a breach of comity or at least etiquette?

    I can see how in appropriate circumstances a judge might be required to caution a lawyer in the strongest, direct language privately in chambers or even publicly in open session when need requires. Is public name calling within the bounds of fair play?

    Cheerio, JW Rowe

    Greetings Lord Mentor (Mentor_rpps@theglobe.com) and Greetings Beloved Editor of Inditer Dot Com and Lord President and Prince Regent of the Society

    A 19th century jurist wrote that the relationship between bar and bench should be one of "mutual respect and admiration." The legal profession has undergone many changes since those lofty sentiments were first uttered and in the 25 years since I first took the oath. On one hand the bar has succumbed to commonality. I read in Grant De Man's column in Inditer dot com that US Customs Inspectors now issue licenses to practise law to any Canadian willing to renounce Elizabeth II and to abide permanently by true republican principles.

    The cost of democratization has been too great. It took the Clennan family four generations from the time the original [American] John Clennan left Canada in 1861 to produce their first lawyer.

    How horrid!

    All kidding aside, with due respect to our favorite Canadian author, the legal profession inside the US is not as selective as once was. Anyone with the cash can find "a Joe's law school" to gain admission.

    When the jurist wrote that the relationship ought to be one of mutual respect and admiration, the battle was in the courtroom. The surveillance experienced today much of which can't be told has added a new dimension to the challenge of law in the 21st century that wasn't there when the jurist scripted those words or even when I became a lawyer. How can there be respect among lawyers or between lawyers and the court when the battle of wits is an intelligence game rather than a match of intellects?

    Parenthetically your remarks do bring to mind a colorful vignette revolving around one of your audiogrammes overheard by a person both sides for different reasons ironically code named "Jane." It might be a funny outcropping of a tale that can't be told.

    Wholly apart from the new dimension of surveillance, the etiquette, customs and manners of the legal profession have changed significantly. Once most Judge would not grant interviews to the press. Those who did limited interviews to general personal information and philosophy. Generally Judges did not discuss pending cases or issues which could arise in the future. This limitation preserved the integrity and independence of the Judiciary.

    While as a rule judges of the past did not publicly discuss handling of a case even to rebuff critics, such is not true today. Perhaps we might say the old restriction has faded into an old fashioned courtesy no longer regarded as binding. The independence of the judiciary may protect a judge from disciple or removal for untoward public remarks.

    Should a judge stoop to mudslinging?

    Unfortunately when propriety is lost and legal contest devolve into ad hominem, respect for the tribunal will vanish and with that public acceptance of judicial determinations upon which any system of justice must ultimately rest.

    Pro Socio Socorum,
    JF Clennan
    Dean of The Rockaway Park Philosophical Society

    1. Don Grant Deman: The Canadian O'Henry

      Grant DeMan's review of IF ALL MEN WERE ANGELS appeared in print in The Iconoclast. A regular contributor to Canada's nationally recognis[z]ed Inditer dot com Press, Grant Deman continues to grace the art of O'Henry with a Canadian accent. Read Grant's Cracker Barrel at Inditer dot com.

    2. Loeppky v US

      Inditer dot com invites submissions on the Clintons' bloody legacy in Canada: the continuing public health crisis caused by the sale of corrupted blood to the Canadian Red Cross.

      visit The Inditer.com

  • In The Zines

    1. Gunvor Skogsholm: Poetry Form

      Gunvor Skogsholm, MA gave the Poetry Forum's Golden Award to JD Collins poem in short story forum Time Passages.

      A short version of Time Passages appears in The Inditer on Line Press.

      Poetry Forum/Short Stories Bi Monthly 5713 Larchmount Dr, Erie PA 16509

    2. PTP Pubs:Perry Terrell

      Perry Terrell the recipient of the RPPS Beleaguered Philosopher Award in 1996 when several months of jury duty forced PTP to suspend operations writes that he checks his E-Mail now and then at universities.

      Contact Perry perryterrell_22@yahoo.com

    3. Iconoclast:Phil Wagner

      Phil Wagner of The Iconoclast observes that the hopes of mom-and-pop web sites for a Bill Gates buyout are in vain. Phil released his first novel MARLOWE in the SOUTH SEAS last autumn.

      Read the review by Ben Pastore: Marlowe:Asea

      Phil does not believe in the world of Bill Gates. snail mail address:
      1675 Amazon Road Mohegan Lake NY 10547-1804


      "There is something about the last of its kind"

      Last of The Mohegans

      James Fennimore Cooper

      War, atrocity, betrayal, and reprisals mark the re-make of the James Fennimore Cooper classic about the French and Indian War which preceeded the American Revolution.

      The remake is staged with natural beauty of the Northern forest and the terrifying bombardment of Fort Anne while remaining true to the weighty issues of inter-racial mingling which the 1840 author daringly presented.

      Cooper took up writing on a dare from his wife. Having finished a book he felt awful, Cooper remarked I could have written a better book. Cooper accepted his wife's dare to try.

      Always controversial, Cooper often found himself at odds with the New York Literary scene, particularly the liberal editor of The Sun Horace Greeley. Their dispute worked its way from the sedate drawing rooms of ante bellum New York to the halls of New York's High Court.

      Cooper's contribution to the literature of the American Revolution, The Pathfinder may have been better written, but never made it to the silver screen.

  • The Fullosia

    From The FULLOSIA

    RPPS FULLOSIA Dictionary

    1. Poisoned Pen
      Bubba Bill's pardon pen.

    2. Victoriously Challenged
      Al Gore's Election celebration.
      see Bullology in Fullosia Dictionary

    3. Power Behind The Throne
      Holy Hillery in Senate rest rooms.

    read Fullosia Dictionary

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