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"If libraries were open as late as bars we'd be drunk on learning."

Rockaway Park NY 16 April 2001, John Davis Collins, editor
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The Rockaway Park Philosophical Society was formed by three friends in 1971. Its mission is to spead the true philosophy expressed in the Fullosia. The Society says it exaults the mundane and ridicules the exalted in conformance with the teachings of Rene Chateau Briand who scorned philosophers who prattle about life but don't know how to act in a dime store." The Society encourages and promotes American culure and a new national language American Standard Jive. Read more about The Society

    RPPS Spring and Sports April 2001 Edition

  • Inherit The Winds


    By: JD Collins

    Touted as the antidote to American sports gone soft with too much pay, dubbed with fearsome names like the Enforcers, The Outlaws, and the Hitmen, portrayed as a cross between Roger's Rangers and Merrill's Marauders for pure toughness and endurance, and fitted with bedazzling cheerleaders sirens of slender waist and virtue, the XFL kicked off a frosty winter's night to a TV audience of ten million.

    The Brainchild of professional wrestling entrepreneur, Vince Mahon (pronounced McMan), the XFL (Extreme Football League) found a parent in the World Wrestling Federation.

    The most popular sport in television history, professional wrestling inhabits a neither world between carnival and sports, between ballet, gymnastics and incredibly poor stage acting. What the WWF announces as superstars couldn't stand toe-to-toe with the Boxing Champ Evander Holyfield for more than a second. WWF's lack of a competitive event is made up in melodramatic side-stories of romance and betrayal.

    Ten million TV sets flicked on for XFL's first game and the expected bath of blood, broken bones and sex. What followed was ordinary American football with flags, whistles and penalties. XFL did restore the two-point conversion, but the game was comparatively tame and orderly. Vince Mahon's brain trust of lawyers and accountants had not considered the utility of NAFTRA (North American Free Trade Agreement): importing Canadian rules to give XFL a lively distinction from the NFL whose season had just concluded.

    True fans of the American gridiron were quick to denounce Vince Mahon and XFL. Armchair quarterbacks wrote off XFL to poor talent and even staged plays.

    Yet, of the ten million initial viewers of XFL, most were carry-overs from professional wrestling. How come Vince Mahon's multitudes of faithfully watch the continuing tear jerking soap opera of the People's Champ, the American Hero, and Daddy's Little Girl wouldn't follow XFL?

    Professional wrestling is to sports as the National Guard is to the Household Cavalry. Professional wrestling fans watch the play for the catharsis of the staged action. A real sport would bore them, as the XFL did.

    Within ten minutes, the viewers flicked off and relegated to the end of the dial, the XFL continued its season to empty bleachers.

    Will XFL be back next year? I doubt it. XFL will melt away with the last frost.

  • A Liberal look at William F Buckley by Jim Sullivan

    Virtually disowned on the right for support of Senator Lieberman and the Gulf War columnist and publisher William F Buckley receives accollades from liberal Jim Sullivan.

    A liberal look at Buckley.

    Holy Hillery!

    From The FULLOSIA

    RPPS FULLOSIA Dictionary

    1. Gulf War enthusiast
      overthe hill vietnam war resister.

      We're rebuilding Fullosia Dictionary which was on a site destroyed by a hacker.

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