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Nov 11, 2005

To: The New York Times

Dowd: "Are Men Necessary?"

Dowd: Endowed with Big Mouth, Small Brain (Re. "Fashioning Deadly Fiascos," NYT, Nov 5)



Letters Editor


Dowd: Endowed with Big Mouth, Small Brain

Dear Sir/Madam,

Your columnist, Maureen Dowd, seems endowed with a big mouth and a small brain.  She evidently does not heed the "speak softly and carry a big stick"-advice (by Theodore Roosevelt).
Are Men Necessary?: When Sexes Collide
Are Men Necessary?: When Sexes Collide

"Are Men Necessary?" - shouts Maureen Dowd in the title of her latest book, and a series of talk shows to promote it.  The answer the author desires, of course, is that they are not.  That is also the thesis of Mizz Dowd's latest OpEd column ("Fashioning Deadly Fiascos," NYT, Nov 5).  She asserts in it that, "men are simply not biologically suited to hold higher office."
The answer to Dowd's rhetorical question is self-evident: If there were a manly man in her life, the lady would not be making such a public fool of herself.  Only women who have no love to protect and no man to lose would act so irresponsibly and arrogantly so as to try to correct a God's "error" (when He created man).
Meanwhile, is it a provocative notion?  Certainly.  Controversial?  For sure.  Preposterous?  Definitely.  Will it sell books?  Probably.  But only to the tiny minority of the American population who call themselves feminists, and an even smaller one who know what the word misandrist means.  For, if the roles were reversed, and similar theories were advanced by a male author, Dowd and her like-minded feminists in the mainstream media would have skewered the writer as a misogynist.  Or a "male chauvinist pig" - a Readers Digest version of misogynist.
Which is why men should let man-haters like Dowd fall on their scissors.  Responding with a "chauvinist sow" charge would be catty, impudent, impertinent and undignified.  (And insulting to the pigs).  In other words, not manly. 
Instead, men should hang back and let their happy and fulfilled wives, daughters, sisters, mother, aunts... tell Dowd and her misandrist friends what they can do with their theories.  And how much fun in life Dowd et. al. are missing while being consumed with all that hatred.  Or not.  The self-proclaimed "liberals," like Dowd, are among the most bigoted and closed-minded people I know.. the female Archie Bunkers.
As for that CNN American Morning show anchor-weasel (Miles O'Brien) who answered Dowd book's question (on Nov 10) with, "sure... to take out the garbage," why doesn't the network toss him out with it?
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Bob Djurdjevic, Founder, Truth in Media, Scottsdale, Arizona and father of two grown and very independent and successful daughters.

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The Society responded to Bob's letter:

It's very cute. The pc lingo for the idea advanced by "Modo" is special interest identity group. This may be all very academic when the turbins come (oops I mean the loyal Arab-Americans), one special interest identity group may find its place somewhat upset.

I wonder how Modo would look in a veil.

You missed the big ticket item: the near civil war which broke out in France. Should the French have let them wear scarfs? How much longer before those goings on start getting pulled off here?

In any event I do think that in a future Arab-America this Miles would make a most excellent palace ,,,,, attendant ha!

A Cheery Cherio,

Transformations of Myth through Time
Transformations of Myth through Time

Joseph Campbell used to say old myths never die; they just recycle.

The Hero's Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work
The Hero's Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work

Bob Djurdjevic


Bob Djurdjevic "Are Men Necessary?"

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