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May 6, 2005

A letter to a late friend's wife...

In Memoriam: David H. Hackworth

America's most highly decorated living soldier passes away



May 6, 2005

To Eilhys England

David H. Hackworth's wife

Greenwich, CT

Subject: Hacks' passing

Dear Eilhys,

I was very sad to learn today of Hack's passing in an AP story in which you were quoted commenting from Tijuana. So I hope this letter reaches you eventually, as Greenwich was the last address I had for Hack. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Hack and I shared the passion for writing and for the truth. When at times I had doubts about whether a particular truth may be too much for this country to take (such as my 1995 prediction that America would eventually break up due to ethnic strife - see "When Cultures Collide...," Washington Times, Aug 1996), he encouraged me to publish the story anyway. I did. For that, and for many other friendship gestures I am eternally grateful to him.

"Thx Bob.  Keep punching.  You're doing a great job," he wrote to me in May 1998, for example, in response to a story about the NATO expansion (Re. "Death Merchants - 81; Taxpayers - 19", 5/02/98).

Hack and I also shared a love for Australia. He insisted that I stay at his home in Maleny, Queensland, in 1996 when I was looking for a property to buy myself down under. He was slightly pissed with me when I eventually bought a place in Western Australia. He tried to scare me off with a story of gigantic WA horse flies that can bite through a leather jacket. I thought it was hysterical that America's most highly decorated living soldier would be scared of horse flies (I've never actually encountered them... Hack may have invented the story to try to make me his neighbor in QLD). :-)

It is very sad that I will no longer be able to boast that "America's most highly decorated living soldier" is a friend of mine. To say that Hack was a great man would be a great understatement. I will miss him. I am sure you will.  Hope our country does, too.

Best regards,

Bob Djurdjevic

About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior
About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior

Hazardous Duty
Hazardous Duty

In Memorium: David H. Hackworth © 2005 by Bob Djurdjevic ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Bob Djurdjevic the witty and brilliant editor of Truth in Media extolls Colonel David H. Hackworth who may be better known to the "Haggard (Vietnam) Generation" where he is not by any means universally accepted as a hero.

A tough soldier schooled in guerilla warfare and an equally vitrolic critic of of the Pentagon, Colonel David H. Hackworthon took to network television in 1971 to declare the Vietnam War unwinable accurately predicting defeat within four years. More recently, the Colonel turned from penning such memoires as About Face to oppose military intervention in Irak. "Irak is now the biggest military miscalculation our country has ever made."

Bob Djurdjevic an American by choice since the Vietnam War may not be aware how controversial Colonel David H. Hackworth remains for his public denunciation of the Vietnam War while the war was still in progress.