March 17, 2006

Bob's photos from... Updated March 17, 2006 (new photos)

Ireland... Flag of Ireland

Photos taken by Bob O'Dj. and Prof. Peter Maher ("Pero")


Bob's & Pero's Tour of Ireland (1998)

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I flew into Dublin from Paris.  I left Ireland from Shannon.  So if you follow the numbers on the above map (from 1 to 13), you will see the order and the approximate route of our tour. 

Unpublished Photos (released March 17, 2006)

While we were in Ireland, it was Orangemen's "the marching season." So I picked up this magazine, auspiciously named The Phoenix (my home town), with a photo that mocks the Orange order (Protestants) in Northern Ireland.

Once again, the unforgettable Cliffs of Moher, in a photo that looks like an impressionist painting...

...and yours truly at the same spot.

Two bodhran players (pronounced "boran" - for more on that, see the "Countryside").

Another "painting-like" scene from the Irish countryside.

And finally, some of the home-spun Irish sense of humor.


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