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Hope and the promise meet reality and gloom at the gate of Hunterspoint Correctional Facility in a factory turned prison housing the masses displaced by the Third Industrial Revolution.

I am a deputy warden,
who keys a sturdy gate.
You call for Mr Bridges,
at a portal designed for freight.

Welcome to the Computor Age, the third industrial revolution, a world of electronic marvels.

Enter Ben Bacone a young lawyer looking for a song and his jaded mentor Jack Nater planning to cash out on one last big case and retire. Together they face a Brave New World of the Cyber-age where the old rules no longer work.

What was up is down and turned around, as by nature's order reversed, What was then implored is now deplored by an angry surf.

The old ways of the factory age are gone forever. But what has replaced them? Ben and Jack have to step lively to keep one foot ahead of the Grim Reaper.


Vision visited regency, a magic tiara propound Clutching fingers grasp nimbly, pulling the sky to the ground.

Will the promise and the dream hold out against the gloom and dispair of the Grim Reaper?

Ben and Jack in different ways believe they will.


What was down is up and righted. Fortune turns aside its twist. What was once slighted, is now beknighted, with geniality.

Demotion to a place among those displaced by the New Age: the unskilled immigrants, homeless persons and the Vietnam Veterans confined at Hunters Point Correctional Facility is the banishment the Grim Reaper promises as a reminder of the high cost of failure.

Hope and the dream face a tough road against the Grim Reaper!


My name is Mr Bridges the voice of finality. You hear me pronounce my judgements, in impersonal solemnity.

Dickens and Steinbeck would be impressed by the tension between change and rigidity.

Take advantage of the new electronic age. You can visit ANGELS in cyber-space.

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