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JOHN DAVIS Collins, Dean - - JAMES LORD WOODBURY, MENTOR Welcome to the fullosia web site. THE PRESIDENT INCORPORATORS AND DIRECTORS of the ROCKAWAY PARK PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY greet you in Fullosia the lion of Philosophy and heir to Phi. We're on a 50 year mission to study geometry, physics and natural philosophy (ie goof off) and will reunite in 50 years on May 1 2021 at Joy's Pizzeria on Beach 116th street in Rockaway Park to savor the good fellowship of the society. Happy are those called to the Fullosia!
We're developing this page to celebrate the Fullosia and hope to bring you the Fullosia and Fullosia Dictionary. Unpersuaded. Email me to tell me the street Belle Harbor begins and Rockaway Park ends. In the meantime, read TESTED POSITIVE by JD Collins available through RPPS Corp 299-9 Hawkins Avenue Ronkonkoma NY 11779 and IF ALL MEN WERE ANGELS available at Denlingers. Otherwise, the peace of the Fullosia be with you. BY COMMAND OF THE LORD BARON PRESIDENT
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This MacDuff Readers Webring site owned by The Gentlemenn of the Society introduces the premier societal type Alistair Macduff whose studies include on the Celtic artist Zhang Bu and the Celtic geneology of Will 'O The Stanes
Words as he has writ Macduff Speaks. LAY ON TO THE MACDUFF PAGES if you dare.
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