hpcf IF ALL MEN WERE ANGELS a novel by John Davis Collins
If money is flowing out of both pockets and you believe you live in an age of unbriddled prosperity, you're either a civil servant or you live in a dream or both. Don't Tax Your Brain. Read no further.
On the other hand the average Joe or Jane might enjoy a snap shot of some real life...

Angels tracks the wayward course of young lawyer Ben Bacone and his mature, seasoned Mentor Jack Nater as they confront the dislocations of brave new world of computorization...

BEN BACONE is a young lawyer in search of a dream, or at least a song...

Give me a song, a vision to behold make a line, a legend to be told.

Jack Nater the jaded mentor seen his dreams washed away and is looking for the one big killing in an auto accident case to even the score for all his struggles.
Jack is suspicious of modern technology:

"How can this --plastic box -- be a typewriter. Wheres the clack--clack -- clack --- Without the racket expect to hear, I might walk in scratching my,,,

Together they face a strange new world where the rule book itself has no answers and they have to be quick to stay one step ahead of the grim reaper.
A Chales Dickens might have enjoyed the conflict between the upheaval caused by the Electronic Revolution and the prevailing stodgy artifical rigidity. The backdrop: work in a correctional facility adds a strong true, but realistic crime slant.

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There are neither Gallahads nor Gorgons, no idealists so pure that there never was a need for a Messiah, nor so evil that Satan would run in flight.

If All Men Were Angels
If All Men Were Angels

More than a old time prison movie, Angels presents a panaroma of the 1980s:
  • the crack down on alchol abuse and use;
  • the tidal wave of unskilled immigrants;
  • the displacement of the Vietnam Veteran.

This is no butler did it story!
This is the 90s! You can visit Angels in cyberspace. Available through Denlingers Publishers; quality books since 1927.

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